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File 15083145391.jpg - (38.91KB , 343x481 , 1507967894386.jpg )
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EveryDay Can Be CaturDay!!
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File 152060572560.gif - (1.99MB , 327x322 , 148428412794.gif )
maybe you no read my last post here some days ago-i told bros dont wana play hiding game and separate from others so you no see me on hiding place you named home for me its like prison-btw thanks for nice pics and to others too and thanks dither for keeping thread-7
>> No. 448
File 152095149643.jpg - (105.40KB , 1152x768 , 150107316650.jpg )
I wish L7 would come back...-litle board is more dangerous than others where is 100-200 posters-trols you can simply ignore- and after apearing 9 is there yet more dangerous-and second thing is all my best pics+vids i have from shiting boards where posting everyones everithing what they wana -7
>> No. 449
File 152101159118.jpg - (169.91KB , 1024x768 , cat.jpg )
My dear friend I'm wondering what boards you refer to? Miki is now dead. Only spambot posts there. The people who used to post on miki now post on 144,155,180. All of which you have said are honeypots that track your every move.

File 152013598286.jpg - (44.06KB , 700x874 , Cat (52).jpg )
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File 151838474864.jpg - (112.30KB , 1280x905 , 150210032759.jpg )
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ready, just need the go then confirm
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love her first communion pic. new posting addy?

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